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On point

On point

Gardening is great for both body and mind. A meta-analysis examining gardening’s influence indicated that gardening’s low-impact physical activity — as well as its ability to get you out into nature — may have the effects of lowering body mass index, depression, and anxiety. At the same time, it can promote feelings of satisfaction and community. The advantages of gardening don’t stop there.

Beautifying your own property or the community gardens of your neighborhood may help raise your property’s value. Perhaps of more immediate reward, growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables may save you money at the grocery store while encouraging healthier eating at home. It also allows you total control over your food chain.

To top it off, you can feel great about helping the environment. Increasing green spaces helps chip away at the carbon footprint in your area and home-grown foods mean fewer miles food has to travel to you. But what if you weren’t born with a green thumb? Luckily, there are lots of experts happy to share their gardening know-how.