Basic Garden Tool

100% American Made | Lifetime Warranty | Blacksmith Quality | Multipurpose Garden Tool


Basic Garden Tool

100% American Made | Lifetime Warranty | Blacksmith Quality | Multipurpose Garden Tool


Basic Garden Tool

100% American Made | Lifetime Warranty | Blacksmith Quality | Multipurpose Garden Tool


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What is the Basic Garden Tool?

The Ultimate Hoe,  Shovel, Weeder, Chopper, Edger, Ice Remover, Ditcher, Rock Remover, Dandelion Tool, Pitch Fork, Fruit Picker and So Much More...

Don't Fall for the substandard imitations!


The Basic Garden Tool Explained by The Innovator!

Dave Explains Why the American Made Lifetime Warranty Basic Garden Multipurpose Tool Is Worth Every Penny.


From Gardeners and Landscapers alike.

5.0 out of 5 starsWeeds be gone.ByJames Linon February 22, 2016Size: Long:5'-11|Color: Lime-Green or Sunset Orange|Verified Purchase

I like to weed without power tools for the exercise and satisfaction of personally sending weeds to the yard waste canister. I was on the fence for a year about buying this so-called BGT because I thought the price was too high; I was wrong. I have used this in my front yard for the grand total of one night to clear multiple square feet of tall, tough weeds with ease. My yard waste canister just went from empty to full. The BGT is better than the Hula-Ho because it cuts effectively on the push stroke and does not clog. When I push the BGT with two hands, its point spears through the bottom of weeds. The Hula-Ho, really effective only on the pull stroke, does not work when weeds are tall and dense, as the pull stroke just makes the Hula-Ho scrape down along the top of the weeds. I have a garage full of garden hand tools from the local big box stores, but this tool beats them all.

Jean5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a great tool.May 20, 2017Size: Regular|Color: Lime Green/ OR Sunset Orange|Verified PurchaseWorks well. It arrived yesterday and we tried it out this evening.

My husband was weeding in the yard when a lady walking her dog got after him for working so hard pulling weeds by hand. She described what was a better way. I told my husband he would not likely find it here as most local stores only carry basics. So just to satisfy him I checked our local stores, and of course they had nothing like this. So we got online and then when I showed him this tool, he said, I think that is it. So lol I said let's quit fooling around and get this ordered, and he said yes right away.

It came sooner than expected, and after our long rainy season it is just want we need to finish cleaning up the yard. It is very well made--really sturdy. It should last for years.

Walt P5.0 out of 5 starsSatisfied this reluctant gardenerApril 23, 2017Size: Regular|Color: Lime Green/ OR Sunset Orange|Verified PurchaseOur property has large planter beds that need quite a bit of regular weeding. I'm not an enthusiastic gardener, and weeding is about my least favorite activity. The BGT tool lets me clear a large area of weeds, with relatively little effort, in less than half the time it used to take with a hand weeding tool and a hoe. The BGT's sharp edges and pointed tip let me undercut and loosen weeds in compacted soil, at the edge of concrete borders, and next to large rocks. This tool is obviously well made and should last for many years. Not cheap, but a great value.

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The BGT™ Pro Series is our commercial BGT™. The Side-necks are shorter and stouter, and the Tip is smaller… to make the Tool more like a Shovel. The BGT Pro Series is a patented multipurpose tool designed for the professional landscaper!

Its triangle shaped head and open interior minimizes dirt movement. Its hi-carbon tempered head allows for digging through rocks. The saw-tooth front and back edges cut thru plant material like nothing else. The ergonomic designed and balanced NW-ash handle makes for comfortable hand placement.


Our Junior BGT is a smaller more compact version of the BGT-Elite.



 (length based on height)

Extra Short    Below 5'

Short    5'0" - 5'3"

Regular    5'3" - 5'11"

Long    6'0" - 6'2"

Extra Long    6'3" +

The One and Only Best Multipurpose Gardening Tool.

100% American Made! | Blacksmith Quality! | Lifetime Warranty!

  • High Carbon US Steel

    The ultimate design for digging, weeding, hoeing, trenching, and playing! The head is made from carbon tempered steal. The axe tip is designed to be sharp and the saw tooth edges grab the weeds as you pull back and forth.  The triangle head and open interior reduces dirt movement, allowing for undercutting unwanted plants without disturbing the surrounding soil. Plus, the head is powder coated and baked until done. Then, the head is attached to the handle with stainless steel screws and nylocks to prevent rusting. Guaranteed for life!

  • Ergomomic Handle

    Made with Perfection. Cross drilled to harness the wood grain for maximum strength. Perfectly balanced and uses less energy. Large knob on the end of the handle for better grip while pushing.  The wood handle is cured in linseed oil to preserve and protect. Lifetime Warranty!

  • Blacksmith Quality

    Crafted to last year after year, being the number one garden tool for home and professional use. All materials used are chosen because of durabilty and longevity.  This ultimate landscaping tool is made to last!

  • Styles and Options

    The Basic Garden Tool handle comes in five lengths, from extra short to extra long! Choose one three vivid colors and enhance your gardening landscaping experience.

BGT Mini

Compact design to allow for more precise weeding to protect root systems close to the weeds. Absolutely amazing!

The Ultimate Landscape Tool Built To Last.

"If you can create something time cannot erode, something which ignores the eccentricities of particular eras or moments, something truly timeless...this is the ultimate victory." Dr Ferry Porsche