kkDear Friends of the “BGT”: We have Incorporated!

The Basic Garden Tools continue to be accepted by serious yard and garden homeowners…


1.] The PRO./model, has evolved into a Tool with a modified Front Point, in addition to its beveled

“SawTooth” front & back edges…Shorter side necks, give this Tool a great Digging Design.

New Color for the PRO… Blue-Hammertone, in limited quantities… The price is: $59.90.


2.] The New KT-B/model, has a more pronounced tip, & is Beveled @ the front & back “SawTooth”edges.

The beveled Tip allows for easy sharpening of the Tool, for extreme use, & effectiveness.

The “price” of the BGT/KT has been well received… @ $54.90.

      …New Colors for the KT-:…Lime-GreenSweet-Pink… and now Sunset Orange!

3.] We also have just Launched the BGT/ Mini.@1/2the size of  the KT @ $45.90… and Junior @3/4 size…

… of the KT@ $49.90.  [Handle lengths… 14”/ 47”/ and our Short/Regular/Long / and X-Long…]

      … [Note: A reminder that $.90/of each BGT… is allocated for Training of Wounded Warriors.]


We have now delivered over 5,025 BGT’s…in just 63 Months… primarily from the Recommendation, and

Referrals from Sunset Magazine and… and Clients who Love their BGT!


      … As we grow & pursue ever expanding markets … Increased Financing is Required…!


We are interested in talking to any of you, [or someone you know],  that may be interested in an  

           Investment of $1,300.00  to $5000.00, … or more…!


Your Investment can be:

1]  A Loan … made to the Company, for a period of 36 to 60/months … @ 5.5%-7.5%,

          … Interest payments, credited each Quarter.    … [ OR,]…

 2] Stock Investment where each $/will buy­­­­1 1/2 Shares of Common Stock.[Limited to 100/ Shareholders]

…Our plan is to pay a .03c. to .051/2c. Dividend per Share, as we grow, and Heaven only knows where it goes?

[Example: Your investment of $5,000 would equal 7,500/shares…@ 5 ½ c. per share = $412.50.

…That is 8.25%  return on Your Investment.]

Early Investors in 2017 did receive a 5.5 cent dividend per share paid as stock.

Note:  Dividends are determined by the Board of Directors,  and are not guaranteed, like Interest Payments.


Please contact me, if you are interested in reviewing our Business Plan.

Thank you again for your continued support of the Basic Garden Tools.     

Best regards,                                                                                                            

Dave Kindred

Lead Designer /  Basic Garden

[509] 868-7793



ss[The “small print”:]      

1.] Stock must be held for 24/months, before additional 50%/Shares will be

Transferred… Dividends, when declared, will be paid on 1 ½ /Shares per each $

Dollar invested!

2.] Loans to the Company will be Invested, and a portion [30%], will be used to

Secure our Bank Credit Line.

3.] Investment Capital, from Sale of Common Stock, will be Invested into the

BGT/Stock Investment Trust Fund.   [Invested Funds will be safeguarded, and overseen by a

Private Banking AAA/Investment Advisor, used by a Board Member.]

4.] A percentage {30%} of the Fund, will be used as a compensating Balance to secure a separate

Bank Credit-line for Capital… as needed, for marketing and production expansion.

5.] Income from the BGT/Investment Trust Fund, will be Split 50/50… with our

                                                                  Stockholders, and the Company… at the end of each Calendar year.