Dave’s Basic Garden Tools… Our Mission:

300x400 bgt for widgetDave’s Basic Garden Tools is a company focusing on bringing the highest-quality, hand-crafted, American- made yard and garden tools to market.

Our first two products… The BGT™ – Basic & the BGT-KT-B are now available, and have been well received by casual homeowners and Master Gardeners alike.

The BGT™ is a patent-pending multipurpose tool that makes weeding, hoeing, digging, and working around yard & garden beds easier and faster.  Its triangle shaped head and open interior minimizes dirt movement.  Its hi-carbon tempered Head allows for digging through rocks. The saw-tooth front and back edges cut thru plant material like nothing else.  The ergonomic designed and balanced NW-ash handle makes for comfortable hand placement.

From the outset, Dave wanted the BGT™ to be Made in USA, using American materials, and assembled by workers with physical/mental challenges.

We want your BGT™ to be a Tool you keep, and hand-down as an Heirloom…Production will always be limited…to maintain the ‘Blacksmith Quality and Craftsmanship ‘ of Great American Hand Tools.”

 The BGT™ has proven that “Once used… It’s a Tool you will not live without”!


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